Workplace live streaming of your video meetings

REC.VC makes it easy to live stream your video meetings on Workplace from Meta (AKA Facebook for business)


Start your video meeting on one of the video meeting services supported by REC.VC: BlueJeans, Cisco Meeting Server, Cisco Webex, LifeSize, Pexip, Polycom, StarLeaf or Zoom.


Whenever you are ready to start live streaming the meeting on Workplace, connect REC.VC to the video meeting in question by placing a call (SIP/H.323) between REC.VC and the meeting.

Live Stream

The REC.VC stream (RTMPS) to Workplace starts automatically as soon as your REC.VC account is connected to the video meeting. On Workplace side, you’ll need to click Go Live to make it public.

FAQ REC.VC and Workplace
How to configure your REC.VC account for Workplace live video?

You can go through the following steps to configure a REC.VC stream for Workplace live video (you can reuse this configuration unless you change the stream key on Workplace):

  1. In REC.VC, create a New Stream (or Edit an Existing RTMP destination):Create a new Stream for Workplace live video
  2. Switch to Workplace and click first on Live video and thereafter go to Advanced settings:Select live video to stream your video meeting on Workplace
  3. Copy the Server URL and Stream key for your Workplace live video:
    How to get the RTMP details for your Workplace live video event
  4. Switch back to REC.VC and paste the Server URL and Stream key (“Server-URL”+”Stream-key”) as ONE combined RTMP URL:Configuring the RTMP destination for Workplace
  5. You are now all set to start streaming your video meeting on Workplace:
  6. How to live stream your BlueJeans, Cisco or Pexip meeting on Workplace from Meta
What layouts are available for mixing of video and content from the meeting when live streaming on Workplace?

You can select your preferred layout for mixing of video and content before starting the Workplace live stream:

  • In the REC.VC interface, click on the menu in the top right corner of the screen, and then click on Settings.
  • Make sure Cloud mixing is enabled and select your preferred layout.

How to mix video and content when live streaming a video meeting on Workplace live video

Here is an overview of the available layouts for mixing of video and content:

Available layouts for mixing of video and content when live streaming to Workplace live video

Can I use REC.VC to live stream from my video conferencing endpoint to Workplace

Yes, you can use any standard SIP/H.323 video conferencing endpoint as a source for the Workplace live video event.

The call flow between REC.VC and your endpoint can be one of the following:

  • REC.VC to your endpoint
  • Your endpoint to the address of your REC.VC account (

The RMTPS feed to Workplace live video will start as soon as the call between REC.VC and your endpoint has been established.

You can create an easy one-click-to-stream Workplace option or button on your endpoint by adding your REC.VC address to the address book or custom button triggering a call to your REC.VC account.

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