REC.VC is a secure, compliant and reliable cloud service


The development team has since its start in 2014 developed the REC.VC cloud service with a Secure by Design philosophy, which means that security aspects and methods are considered and implement into the service at every layer including a very robust architecture design.


Ranging from data center equipment and connectivity to backup and failover procedures, REC.VC is a fully redundant cloud service that can be trusted for any recording, storage and live streaming use case. Customers have for the last 12 months enjoyed 99.99% service uptime.


Organizations need assurance that the data they share with a service provider will be processed in compliance with data protection regulations in their own jurisdiction. We are ISO 27001 certified and comply with regulations such as GDRP, HIPAA, MiFID II, HITECH and PIPEDA.

REC.VC processing and storage of your data


Your data is only processed and stored in our private data centers (we do not leverage any third-party cloud service).

REC.VC has two private data centers (production + backup) in each of the following Locations:

  • Ashburn, USA
  • Oslo, Norway


Your media (recordings) with optional meta information (title, tags, participants) are stored in the Location selected by you or by your SSO policy for customers with SSO enabled. Automatic media backup takes place only with the second data center in the same Location.

Your user information with including name, email and password, and logs are stored in Oslo.


Your media is always stored encrypted (AES 256 bit) in both production and backup data centers, with a unique encryption key per recording.

Your password is always encrypted, both at login as well as in the user data base.

Other information is stored in plain text and protected by various security measures.

Your data is your data. We’ll never sell or provide it to third-party.

See our privacy notice to learn more.

We proudly support the following leading video conferencing platforms:

“RecordingRecording and streaming Cisco meetingsRecording and streaming Lifesize video meetingsRecording and streaming Pexip meetingsRecording and streaming Poly meetingsRecording and streaming StarLeaf meetingsRecording and streaming Zoom meetings

We are committed to the following standards and regulatory compliance.