Recording & streaming as easy as making a call

Delivered as a cloud service, no install required

One platform for any videoconference source

REC.VC supports a number of videoconference and collaboration platforms including the ones listed below.

Pexip recording
Skype for Business recording
Google Chrome
Record from ...
Stream from ...
Call encryption betweeen REC.VC and ...
User workflow: Call to REC.VC from ...
User workflow: Call from REC.VC to ...
Supported platforms/systems and additional details Acano, Codian, Spark, WebEx CMR, DX & SX Use Chrome or any supported VC platform Also supported via REC.VC plugin for Pexip       SfB users need permission for External Communications Record & stream
directly in Chrome
More information Cisco Webex recording & streaming   Pexip recording & streaming       SfB recording & streaming  
User account Access your secure REC.VC web account to start and stop and manage your recordings.
Recorder Each User is associated with a personal or shared Recorder. Each Recorder has a unique video address (SIP URI), e.g.
Record Record a meeting by calling from REC.VC to your VC platform or by calling from your VC platform to your REC.VC address. You can also record directly using your integrated or connected camera when using Google Chrome as browser.
Monitoring Monitor the progress of your recording (length, bandwidth, video/audio packet loss) via your REC.VC web account
Simultaneous Each User/Recorder can handle multiple simultaneous recording sessions (in case you need to record multiple meetings at the same time).
Favorites You can add your frequently used video addresses (to your endpoint, client or virtual meeting room) to your Favorites for one click recording.
Quality Videos are recorded in HD quality (720p) and stored in MP4 format.
Global Reach Provided as a QoS.VC cloud service, REC.VC ensures the best possible recording quality by minimizing the use of public unreliable Internet.
Rate The rate of video transferred over the network is negotiated like normal SIP sessions, and based on codec settings. On the REC.VC side it is capped to 6 Mbps. The rate of video written to file is dynamic, based on constant quality parameter and highly dependent on movie content. REC.VC is designed to re-encode without degrading quality significantly, and the output speed is typically in the range of 1-2 Mbps, independent of rate of received video, but highly dependent on image content, motion etc.
Add-on Live Streaming is an Add-on subscription to the REC.VC Base subscription (which includes Recording, Storage and Playback).
Create Stream Create any number of unique streams for future events by adding a Stream title and obtaining a unique stream URL.
Share Invite your audience by sharing the stream details (stream title and URL) by email.
Schedule Invite your audience by creating an Outlook, iCal, Google or Yahoo calendar event with the stream details (stream title and URL) populated.
Monitoring Monitor your stream including the bandwidth and video/audio packet loss on the input side and the number of viewers on viewing side.
Stream Stream a meeting by calling from REC.VC to your VC platform or by calling from your VC platform to your REC.VC address. You can also stream directly using your integrated or connected camera when using Google Chrome as browser.
Record REC.VC will always record live streams for you (for later viewing or simply archiving).
Simultaneous Each user can manage simultaneous live streams in the REC.VC user interface.
CDN Live streams are delivered over QoS.VC to ensure the best quality regardless of viewer device and location.
Any device Live streams can be viewed on any device with a modern browser and sufficient bandwidth (128 Kbps for audio-only, 1.6 Mbps for HD quality).
Quality Viewers are automatically served the best possible quality based on device and network conditions. Available qualities: 720p, 360p, 160p, 128 Kbps (audio-only)
Embed You can embed a REC.VC live stream on any website with the following script: <script src="<stream-id>.js"></script> where <stream-id> needs to be replaced with the unique stream ID generated by REC.VC (the last 16 alphanumeric characters of the stream URL).
Storage Recorded videos are by default stored in the same location as your recorder (available in Ashburn (USA), Frankfurt (Germany), and Oslo (Norway)).
Playback Users can playback their own recorded videos. The playback uses the default player in the user's browser.
Share Users can share by email the unique link to a recorded video enabling external viewers to playback the video. The playback uses the default player in the viewer's browser.
Download Users can download any of their own recorded videos.
Delete Users can delete any of their own recorded videos.
FTP When a Recorder is created it can optionally be set up with your FTP server as Storage as an alternative to the storage provided with REC.VC. With this option enabled, REC.VC will only be used for the real-time processing of recordings. Once processed by REC.VC the file will automatically be transferred to your FTP server and not be stored on the REC.VC side.
Companies REC.VC is a multitenant platform enabling creation of hierarchies of Companies, sub-Companies and sub-sub-companies, to support the sales channel, e.g. Distributor > Reseller > End-user Organization. Depending on your access level and permission, you will login to the appropriate level in the Admin interface, to access the resources and features listed below in this table.
Users An admin user can access the admin interface to create Users within own Company or Sub-companies. A User can be setup as a regular User (with or without access to the optional Live Streaming feature) with linked to a Recorder (shared or personal). In addition, a user can also get admin read access (for viewing of resources and stats) or admin read/write access (for provisioning and management of resources).
Recorders An admin user can access the admin interface to create Recorders within own Company or Sub-companies. Recorders can register to REC.VC SIP registrar, alternatively to a third-party SIP registrar, e.g. the Cisco VCS of an end-user organization (e.g. in case they want to use their own domain). Also, when setting up a Recorder, you select Recorder/Storage Location (currently Ashburn, USA, and Oslo, Norway), alternatively FTP Storage (in case you want the videos transferred to your or a third-party FTP server and not stored with REC.VC.
Subscription The Subscription section of the Admin interface provides details on current and past REC.VC Subscriptions of the Company or Sub-company in question
Billing The Billing section of the Admin interface provides Monthly Billing Statements for the Company or Sub-company in question. The statements can also be downloaded in PDF format.
Usage The Usage section of the Admin interface provides Usage stats for a Company's Recording, Storage and Live Streaming activities.
Log The Log section of the Admin interface provides details on past calls between Recorders in Company and the remote parties (your endpoints, clients and virtual meeting rooms).
Provider REC.VC is a cloud service by Media Network Services AS (MNS) with headquarters in Drammensveien 126, N-0277 Oslo, Norway.
MNS has support, operation and sales teams in place in Europe and North America.
You may contact the REC.VC team by email: sales (at) or support (at)
Scalability The architecture of REC.VC allows for indefinite scalability simply by adding more recording and storage capacity. REC.VC will always have more than sufficient over-capacity per location to handle any customer demand.

The REC.VC team has security as its number one priority and the service is secured through a number of visible and hidden mechanisms at the various layers of the service.

Service layer security features include:

  • Encrypted SIP signaling (TLS) and secure media (SRTP) over network while recording
  • HTTPS secure access of REC.VC web account, recorder and recorded videos
  • Encryption (AES 256 bit) of all recordings with unique encryption key per video
  • API protected using HTTPS and Digest authentication
  • Password encryption (for regular, admin and API users), both in the user database as well as upon authentication

Infrastructure layer security features include:

  • 24x7 automated intrusion detection
  • Protected via IP and port-based firewalls
  • Remote access to backend restricted by IP address

Data center layer security features include:

  • Strict access control (only personnel authorized by the REC.VC team can access the racks and servers in questions)
  • Security guards monitor all traffic into and out of the datacenters 24x7, ensuring that entry processes are followed
The complete Security Policy document is available upon request under NDA.
Compliance While REC.VC is provided as global cloud service recorded videos are always stored in a location selected by you as customer:
  • Customers can choose to store recorded videos in the REC.VC cloud by MNS data center location, currently offered in:
    • Ashburn, USA
    • Frankfurt, Germany
    • Oslo, Norway
    • and with more locations to come
  • Customer can choose to store recorded videos on-premise (or third-party cloud service) by using REC.VC FTP feature enabling automatic transfer of recorded videos to own or third-party FTP server. REC.VC will in this case be used to process the video file, not for storage.

The key aspect is that you will always know the location and jurisdiction where your recorded videos are stored.

MNS data center details are available upon request.
Redundancy, backup & disaster recovery

The REC.VC is fully redundant per data center location from a network, infrastructure (servers) and building (separate racks in separate buildings) perspective.

The Redundancy, Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan is available upon request under NDA.
Supported Protocols
  • Signaling: SIP/SDP over UDP, MS-SIP, TCP and TLS
  • Media: RTP and SRTP (DTLS and SDES)
  • Telephone-event (RFC 4733)
  • ICE
Audio Codecs
  • AAC-LD
  • G.711 (PCMU and PCMA)
  • G.722.1
  • Opus
Video Codecs
  • H.264 AVC (pack.-mode 0 & 1)
  • H.264 SfB
  • VP8
Live Streaming
  • Player: JW Player
  • Streaming format: Apple HLS, Adobe RTMP, Adobe HDS Microsoft Smooth Streaming, MPEG-DASH.
  • Transcoding: 720p, 360p, 160p, 128Kbps (audio-only)
Media File Formats

Audio/video content captured by the REC.VC Cloud Service is stored in in standard MP4 multimedia format using the following codecs

  • Audio: AAC
  • Video: H.264
Access The REC.VC API with documentation and sandbox is available online at Credentials can be obtained with a free trial signup.
Proviosioning The API includes all the functionality available to admin users including creation and management of Companies (and Sub-companies), and Users and Recorders within each Company, as well as retrieval of log and stats details per Company and Recorder.
Record & Stream The API includes all the functionality available to regular users, including recording and live streaming activities as well as management of recorded videos.