Record & stream your Pexip meetings

New REC.VC Plugin available for Pexip

Recording & streaming have never been easier

Record & stream with the REC.VC Plugin for Pexip

The REC.VC plugin for Pexip enables organizations and service providers to make REC.VC features available in the Pexip Infinity Connect interface.

Once installed on the Pexip Infinity Conferencing Platform, the plugin enables any Host User to start recording or streaming a meeting directly via the Pexip Infinity Connect interface.

Download the REC.VC Plugin for Pexip installation guide today to learn how you can leverage the plugin and provide REC.VC features to your Pexip Infinity users.

Record & stream Pexip meetings without the plugin

Streaming & recording a Pexip meeting without the plugin is also easy, it's just like adding another participant to the meeting. To start recording or streaming, you can simply ...

  • Call from your Pexip Virtual Meeting Room to your REC.VC account, or
  • Call from your REC.VC account to the Pexip Virtual Meeting Room.