REC.VC recording and streaming with StarLeaf

REC.VC makes it easy to record and live stream any StarLeaf video meeting


Use REC.VC to securely capture StarLeaf meetings in one of the following ways:

  • Use StarLeaf’s integration with REC.VC (order via StarLeaf)
  • Add REC.VC as a participant (SIP/H.323)
  • Add REC.VC as a RTMP destination

Play and Share

Access your secure REC.VC account to play or trim your recordings.

Create and share playback links (with or without password), enabling others to play videos you share.

Download recordings in mp4 format.

Live Stream

Use REC.VC to live stream your video meeting in one of the following ways:

  • REC.VC hosted live stream
  • REC.VC to Social Media*

*REC.VC supports Facebook, YouTube and other RTMP destinations.

FAQ REC.VC and StarLeaf
Should I choose StarLeaf’s integration with REC.VC or a separate REC.VC subscription?

StarLeaf offers recording and live streaming features powered by REC.VC.

We recommend StarLeaf’s integrated REC.VC option for most use cases as it makes the REC.VC recording and live streaming functionality available in the various StarLeaf interfaces that you already use.

You can consider a direct REC.VC subscription for use cases requiring FTP export of media, alternative mixing of video and content, 1080p RTMP recording, or trimming functionality.

Note: When using StarLeaf’s integrated REC.VC option, you will not have access to any REC.VC interface or portal (recordings will show up in the StarLeaf portal).

What StarLeaf address to use when calling from REC.VC to StarLeaf?

When calling from the REC.VC user interface to the StarLeaf video meeting, you’ll need to enter the StarLeaf video address, typically structured in the following way: <digits>@<organization>

Record by adding the StarLeaf video address

Live stream by adding the StarLeaf video address

What REC.VC address to call when calling from StarLeaf to REC.VC?

Your REC.VC video address is listed in the top-left corner of the REC.VC interface (it’s not 😉):

REC.VC interface: Your REC.VC video address is listed in the top-left corner of the REC.VC interface.

Whenever you are in a StarLeaf meeting you can start recording (or live streaming) by calling from the StarLeaf client to your REC.VC video address.

Start recording or streaming by calling from StarLeaf to REC.VC

How to record a StarLeaf meeting using RTMP

Your REC.VC RTMP URL is provided when setting Source to RTMP(S) in the REC.VC interface:

REC.VC RTMP link for recording of StarLeaf meetings

To record a StarLeaf meeting, you’ll need to add the REC.VC RTMP URL when scheduling the StarLeaf meeting:

RTMP 1080p recording of your StarLeaf meeting

When using REC.VC RMTP to record the StarLeaf meeting, the recording quality will be 1080p.

What REC.VC modes are supported with StarLeaf?

The following REC.VC modes and features are supported:

REC.VC mode

REC.VC features available

Capture using …



REC.VC Quality

REC.VC Mixing

Automatic FTP export

SIP/H.323 Call






Live Stream (RTMP)






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