Add Recording and Playback to Your Endpoint, Client or VMR

Transfer Recorded Videos to Your Preferred Storage Location

Publish Your Video Links and Thumbnails Elsewhere

The REC.VC API provides wide range of possibilities in terms of what you can do with the cloud service.

Some organizations (and their integrators) may use the API to automatically publish recording titles, thumbnails and unique playback links on their corporate Intranets, or maybe even have some of their REC.VC recorders publish directly to their corporate YouTube or Facebook accounts.

Other organizations may want to automatically transfer recorded videos to their preferred storage locations for compliance and not use REC.VC for storage.

Service Providers may want to add recording and playback capabilities to their customer portals, scheduling platforms, video conferencing clients or VMRs (using their respective SDKs).

Video conferencing vendors developing MCUs, endpoints, clients, provisioning and scheduling software, may add high-value recording and playback features without any major impact to their core roadmap.

Where would you like to put
a red recording button?

Available API Functions (REST HTTPS):

start recording w/SIP URI argument list active recording session w/media-stats pause/resume active session
stop active session list recorded media content get media content
get media thumbnail delete media

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